Fight Finance with Finance

Maximize your power as a citizen shareholder!

The past few years have seen an explosion of shareholder activism to hold corporations to account for their impacts, especially on social and environmental issues. When shareholders speak, companies listen.

Unfortunately, some barriers continue to prevent us from fully exercising our financial power for progressive causes. For starters, many of us perceive shareholder activism as being reserved for the wealthy and powerful. In truth, even those with meager financial holdings can exert major influence.

Another barrier is the opacity of the financial system. People often need help understanding the basic dimensions of corporate finance. If we can untangle this web of financial relationships- and clarify our rights as citizen shareholders- we’ll see that we needn’t be privileged business insiders to make a difference in business.

At Rights CoLab, we believe everyone should know how to use their portfolio as a lever for change. If you have a retirement account, a pension, or even certain insurance policies, you possess the power to affect corporate decisions- and we would love to show you how.

For more information on how to “Fight Finance with Finance,” please check these links for our pamphlet and slide deck!

Fight Finance with Finance Leadership