All Out is a global movement for love and equality, mounting campaigns against the persecution of the LGTB+ community across the globe. As a diverse international organization with a broad base of citizen and LGBT+ support across the world, All Out uses the power of social media and activism to highlight local issues and injustices on a global platform. All Out works closely with partners to come up with inspiring ways for their members to take action and empowers its members with tools and resources to shape and steer online campaigns for LGBT+ rights. All Out runs multiple fundraising campaigns over the year, both to support partners and to cover their campaigning and organizational costs. Their goal is to be financially sustained by their supporters, in order to be accountable to the community they serve. Since February 2016, All Out is actively seeking donations from corporate sources that are consistent with their mission. They also sell LGBT+ themed merchandise with all proceeds going towards global campaigns for LGBT+ equality.

Theory of Change

Characterizing persecution of LGBT+ persons as injustice - through protest campaigns via petitions, demonstrations, and media attention - mobilizes public pressure on governments to change oppressive legislation while strengthening the LGBT+ community.


All Out runs pressure campaigns directed at decision makers and crowdfunding campaigns to collectively fund the work of local groups around the world. It also provides a platform for All Out members to start their own campaign on any LGBT+ issue. The platform is the only petition-creation tool dedicated solely to LGBT+ rights and is 100% free of charge. All Out has had over 50 successful campaigns over eight years across the globe.


In April 2019, All Out campaigned to stop conversion therapy on LGBT+ people in Germany, delivering a petition with over 110,000 signatures. They worked with the German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, to support a law that would ban conversion therapy on LGBT+ population. All Out also worked with Nigerian filmmakers to release Nigeria’s first lesbian film “Ife” online to circumvent the censorship rules and suppression by the local government. In October 2020, they successfully delivered a petition with 340,000 signatures to the EU demanding protection against hate-mongering and persecution of the LGBT+ community in Poland, which has seen an increase in suicides and suicidal ideation by members of the LGBT+ community. In 2019, 36% of All Out's income came from 44,384 individual donations with an average gift of $23 USD.