The RINGO Project: Re-Imagining the INGO and the Role of Global Civil Society

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What is RINGO?

The Ringo Project is a systems change initiative that seeks to transform global civil society to respond to today’s challenges. In partnership with systems change experts Reos, we are convening a unique ‘Social Lab’ of global innovators who represent ‘the system’ of INGOs (including southern partners, funders and INGO leaders). We have launched 8 prototypes that can transform INGO institutions and the systems in which they function. These prototypes will have enormous impacts on how INGOs are structured, their funding and accountability models, what this means for organizations locally, and what solidarity means. RINGO is the first globally-coordinated cross-sectoral effort to revolutionize the sector by interrogating the purpose, structures, power, and positioning of INGOs.


RINGO Phase 2: The What, How, Why and Who

May 7, 2023

No impunity in Swaziland: Investigate murder of human rights lawyer!

April 21, 2023

From Innovation to Transformation: How RINGO is Revolutionising Global Civil Society

April 5, 2023

VIDEO: RINGO: The Journey So Far

February 27, 2023

New Report: Celebrate 2022 / Anticipate 2023 Workshop

February 27, 2023

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