The RINGO Project: Re-Imagining the INGO and the Role of Global Civil Society

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A New Paradigm for Global Civil Society: Introducing Rights CoLab’s “RINGO PROJECT”

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What is the RINGO Project?

The RINGO Project is a systems change initiative that seeks to transform global civil society to respond to today’s challenges.

The world has changed since INGOs started to become a prominent actor on the global stage and in recent years they have been challenged from all sides – both externally and internally. Internally, issues around gender, race and power are all in the headlines in recent years; externally, the issues we face from climate change to global inequality, conflict and now a global pandemic seem to have left INGOs unable to truly respond with sufficient efficacy to change the status quo, in spite of the ambition to do so.

Like others in civil society, INGOs have faced the challenges of shrinking civic space, while also failing to respond to the crisis. Both the credibility and effectiveness of the INGO model have come into question. We need global civil society, but the current model of the INGO seems no longer fit for purpose.

We’re ambitious – we don’t just want to transform single institutions: we know we need to change the system in which INGOs function too. We will bring a systems change approach to transforming the INGO sector to meet the challenges we face, both externally and internally.


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