Do You A Flavor is a Taiwanese organization that focuses on urban poverty, homelessness, and street vendors. Since 2014, Do You a Flavor has been working to bridge the gaps that exist between people who experience life in its different “flavors”, or different states. By facilitating meaningful interactions through engaging activities and projects, Do You a Flavor works to eliminate the boundaries that exist between those experiencing poverty and the general population. Do You a Flavor prioritizes understanding the broken interpersonal connections behind poverty, such as social and familial ruptures and the subsequent disconnection from oneself. Their efforts help transform the street landscape into a bright and friendly place where individuals are noticed and cared for, fostering a tight social safety net. The team provides companionship and empowerment, helping individuals stabilize their lives and find motivation. By fostering empathy and providing channels for communication, they seek to empower individuals in poverty, especially the unhoused, and create opportunities for positive change. Funding sources for Do You A Flavor mainly include public donations (one-time and regular), government programs, corporate partnerships, and grants. Do You a Flavor solicits donations by initiating online fundraising campaigns, accepting cash donations at event venues, organizing advocacy events like exhibitions and documentary screenings, and sharing articles and visual materials about poverty issues on online social platforms.

Theory of Change

Establishing interpersonal connections and eliminating the stigma of poverty works to address social isolation, promote inclusion and empathy, and eradicate the environments that perpetuate poverty.


Do You a Flavor’s initiatives aim to empower unhoused people, cultivate understanding and compassion, and advocate for social change. The “Reconnecting and Restoring” project provides a space near Taipei Main Station where individuals without homes can relax, rest, and access laundry, showers, and cooking areas. The project aims to rebuild motivation and foster connections between people without housing and the wider community. Another project – “Life’s Handyman” – seeks to build a bridge between the public and street workers. Through this project, Do You a Flavor matches people to various gig opportunities, including cleaning services, gardening, packaging, and repairs, allowing them to immerse themselves in the community's living landscapes. The “Flavor Home” project aims to provide stable accommodation and empower unhoused people by facilitating the development of stable relationships, offering life skills training, and establishing a comprehensive resource-matching network. Through the "Stone Soup" and "Warm Stone" projects, Do You a Flavor establishes connections between the public and unhoused people through communal cooking, street food sharing, and cultivating local youth teams in different regions of Taiwan. Public Advocacy is another significant aspect, which the organization pursues through networking, curation, publishing, and lectures. The “Taipei through the Eyes of the Poor” series aims to invite the public to approach and listen to narratives from different perspectives, understand the multidimensional aspects of individuals beyond poverty, and actively participate in poverty alleviation efforts. 


In 2022, Do You A Flavor achieved several key milestones. Through the "Warm Stone" project, Do You a Flavor hosted nine events, including three lectures as well as material distributions, that supported Taiwan’s unhoused population. For the "Stone Soup" initiative, the organization hosted 13 events, reaching 165 participants and engaging an average of 65 volunteers. 682 boxed meals were distributed to those in need. 26 people were interviewed to receive accommodation through the “Flavor Home” project, with an occupancy rate of 59.9% throughout the year. Five individuals achieved self-reliance by renting their own accommodations, four individuals received ongoing support, and eight individuals were followed up with for further assistance. Through the “Life’s Handyman” project, Do You a Flavor completed 327 job commissions, including 196 cleaning sessions for disadvantaged households and 131 industry-friendly commissions, partnering with various organizations. The Life's Handyman team consisted of 14 members, and monthly themed gatherings were held. Finally, the “Taipei through the Eyes of the Poor” exhibition series attracted 2,289 visitors, with 298 participants in experiential and interactive activities. The program included speeches, exhibition creations, thematic lectures, and sessions of the Human Library. It involved multiple NGOs, art creation teams, independent businesses, and individuals with experiences of poverty.