Heya Masr (She is Egypt) is a non-profit working with women and children in disadvantaged communities in Egypt to build resilience. Outreach and programming cater to parents, boys and girls, with a focus on gender equality. Its expert-developed curriculum relies on practices of behavioral education to prevent violence against women and girls, with the goal of ending generations of trauma and abuse that lead to poverty and inequality. With the aim of creating self-sustaining initiatives, Heya Masr partners with local organizations, businesses, governmental entities, universities, schools, and youth centers throughout Egypt. Heya Masr offers free camps, trainings, and after-school programs supported by volunteers, as well as fee-based educational services, such as teacher training. It receives social impact support from the regional venture philanthropy platform Alfanar, runs crowdfunding initiatives, and partners with businesses -- such as Amazon Smile -- to boost donations.

Theory of Change

Building self-confidence and empowering children and women helps prevent gender-based violence and address abuse.


Heya Masr offers online and offline resources for parenting and school teacher cooperative programs. With over seven years of working with children and different entities, Heya Masr customizes the curricula and delivery according to the children’s environment. Themes for their programs range from children’s character development, health, and nutrition, to FGM, sexual harassment, and bullying. Heya Masr uses research-based techniques to develop curricula programs and performs rigorous measurement and evaluation, supported by external contractors. To achieve scale, Heya Masr has followed a Training of Trainers model, increasing the number of facilitators and expanding activities. Heya Masr has partnered with the Libra Sportswear company and The American University in Cairo to establish joint ventures. The American University of Cairo (AUC) chartered a research and volunteer program with female students. AUC interns conduct organizational effectiveness research, support Heya Masr’s social media, and lead children’s programs in Cairo. The Libra Sportwear Cairo collaboration has established self-defense training and athletic classes for women to combat the stigma and barriers that deter women and girls from engaging in sports activities.


Since its foundation, Heya Masr has worked in over 15 communities in Egypt to deliver more than 48,000 training hours to over 2,000 children aged six through eighteen. Heya Masr is running a fundraising campaign to equip 20 facilitators and 100 mothers to help girls stay in school and avoid child marriages, as well as to empower 200 at-risk girls living in poverty by providing access to education, leadership workshops, mentorship, and life skills. Heya Masr has set up a goal to have over 140 graduate girls and boys per quarter. Heya Masr’s joint venture with Libra Sportswear Cairo and The American University in Cairo had 50 graduate girls and boys in the third quarter of 2021 and anticipates continued scale. Heya Masr’s Educate to Empower 300 Girls Living in Poverty program, as part of their Social Development section, has a crowdfunding campaign, which reached approximately $29,000 USD.