HopeBox Vietnam is the first social enterprise in Vietnam that supports gender-based violence survivors. The organization provides employment opportunities and resources to help survivors to heal and gain financial independence. HopeBox Vietnam hires survivors to produce hand-made products for sale on its website, social media, and cafe. Proceeds from sales allow HopeBox Vietnam to provide resources and services to survivors. HopeBox Vietnam also crowdfunds on its website, social media accounts, and at fundraising events. Volunteers and partnering businesses are integral to the organization by offering pro-bono services and sponsorship. The creation of HopeBox Vietnam was supported by the charity organization, HopeBox Australia, which also funds and helps HopeBox Vietnam through fundraising, strategy, and advising.  

Theory of Change

Providing economic opportunities and support resources helps gender-based violence survivors access important resources, regain their independence, and improve their livelihood and integration into metropolitan areas.


Survivors employed by HopeBox Vietnam learn to produce food boxes, soaps, pastries, candles, and other home-made products. The proceeds are used to fund a six-month program for survivors that includes rental assistance, skills training, counseling services, and referrals to support services, such as legal advice. To help survivors achieve financial independence, HopeBox’s training program covers a range of skills, including hospitality, job search, career development, languages skills, and other life skills. These services are provided by volunteers and partnering businesses on a pro bono basis. HopeBox also provides counseling services and compassionate communications workshops, trauma healing, and work-based therapy. To provide survivors with safe accommodations, the organization covers half of the women’s rent. It also offers annual scholarships to children who have experienced domestic violence to support their return to school. HopeBox hosts events and workshops to raise awareness about gender-based violence. In addition, HopeBox runs a fee-based social enterprise study tour for students and companies to learn about its business model and the social enterprise movement in Vietnam.


HopeBox has successfully partnered with major companies and organizations, including Uniqlo, AEON, and Vietnam Airlines. The latter has distributed HopeBox products on international women’s day for three years in a row. Hopebox was also selected by Meta to partner for the 2022 Lunar New Year gift boxes, which included over 200 orders of candles from HopeBox. In 2022, the organization employed over 25 women in its 6-month program. For the 2022 Move for Hope fundraiser, HopeBox raised over $15,000 USD, which will go into employing and supporting more women. Through its social media accounts, HopeBox posts reach over 8,000 Facebook followers.