is an aggregator of up-to-date information and resources for those who were affected by the Russian war against Ukraine. The initiative was started by young Belarusian activists opposing their government and, in particular, its support of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. They collected information from various sources and partnered with a team of independent volunteer developers to create the website. The project is 100% volunteer-based, and currently, the team consists of people from different countries, including Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Russians, among others, united by the common goal of helping the victims of the war.

Theory of Change

Creating accessible and reliable online resources to provide information supporting those affected by war helps build cross-border solidarity.


Napryamok collects, verifies, and posts information and resources for those who are in Ukraine or Belarus; refugees relocating to Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and other countries; and those who want to help. Resources are organized by location and the specific areas of need of individuals seeking help. For people staying in Ukraine, the portal has a collection of resources and vital information on emergency situations, curfews, bomb shelters, security, healthcare, transportation, etc. For refugees in the process of relocation, it has collections on checkpoints and queues on the borders, evacuation and transportation, accommodation, international and temporary protection, and other information. The portal has specific collections of resources and information for vulnerable groups like LGBTQ+, people with illnesses and disabilities, sex workers, people of color, children, and women.


The portal has over 30 types of information collections with dozens of resources in each of them. The project is constantly looking for volunteers worldwide to help with fact-checking, editing, translations, communications, web development, administration, design, and other tasks.