Urban Space 100 is a unique social business concept developed in the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. The idea has since been replicated in Kyiv, with additional franchises in the works in other Ukrainian cities. Conceptualized by the NGO Teple Misto, Urban Space 100 is a restaurant that redirects 80 percent of its annual profits to fund social projects in the city. The goal is to create a home base for a cluster of dynamic initiatives and to gather likeminded people willing to invest in social initiatives. The initial funding to launch the restaurant came from 100 donors who decide which projects to fund with the profits.

Theory of Change

Creating a transparent trust fund to support social projects and start-ups that contributes to urban development will give impetus to new, dynamic ideas that enable residents to exercise their social and cultural rights.


The restaurant uses 80% of its profits to support social, non-commercial development projects in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.


The organization has supported over 38 projects thus far. Projects include a training course for city staff aimed at increasing acceptance of people with disabilities, a city bike race, reproductive health classes for teenagers, a family picnic day, children’s IT education programs, a project to raise awareness about sterilization as a humane way to control the stray animal population, and much more.