Following an extensive prototyping process by RINGO Lab members, Norsaac and Transform Trade have produced a new practical resource for those interested in adopting a more participatory way of working. The document entitled South Meets North in Power Shift: A Participatory Grantmaking (PGM) Model explores the concept of participatory grantmaking and discusses how local, national and international organisations can use this model to shift decision-making power of grantmaking to communities they are seeking to impact. This document highlights the key principles, stakeholders and strengths of participatory grantmaking, and provides guidance on its implementation by presenting case studies and proposing solutions to some of the challenges associated with adopting this approach.

Download the Practical Resource here

The practical resource was launched at the RINGO Community Gathering on 28th September, 2023. We were joined by RINGO Lab members Charlotte Timson (Transform Trade) and Mohammed Awal Alhassan (Norsaac) along with special guest Diana Samarasan (Disability Rights and Participatory Philanthropy expert) to share their insights on participatory grantmaking and philanthropy.


Photo credit: Transform Trade/Nashon Otieno