This is a project for everyone working in and with international civil society who wants to see a rapid transformation take place, and has the agency to help bring that change to life.

Who should join?

INGOs:  Senior and strategic individuals working with INGOs (but we would ask them not to represent their institutions per se). These are those who are grappling with some of the issues identified earlier and seeking opportunities to learn and explore new models from outside their internal systems. This includes development INGOs; human rights or environmental INGOs. While facing different issues, we want to engage Southern INGOs as well.

Southern NGOs:  Civil society organisations who often partner with INGOs.

Think tanks/Academics:  Researchers and thought leaders, from both southern and northern institutions.

Membership/network organisations:  Those who represent the sector in both the north or south.

Donors:  Donors are part of the overall system of INGOs and are important actors. Like the INGOs, we want those with a donor perspective to be present in their individual, rather than institutional capacity.

Individuals: Key individuals who work with the sector as experts, consultants and advocates.

Why should people join?

Processes that seek to engender systemic change are inherently challenging. But they are also highly rewarding. The benefits to participants in this project include the chance to work across organisational (and subject area) boundaries to address shared internal and external challenges, the space to pause, reflect and engage in ‘first principles’ thinking (for which there is rarely time amidst busy delivery schedules), and the opportunity to engage with some of the deeper, root causes of recent crises in the sector.

While we will ask participants to shed their organisational ‘hats’ during the process, the potential to bring ideas and energy back to organisations is immense.  We aim for the process to be fully transformative – both for individuals and institutions alike.

For more information please fill out the google form and tell us if you would like to be involved and if you’re already working on a change agenda for INGOs.  We’ll keep you updated about how to engage with us as we move forward.


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