In March 2023, we hosted a special Open House to launch Phase 2 of RINGO: from innovation to transformation.

Over the past two years, the RINGO Project has been an important catalyst for transformation of the INGO sector to build a more equitable global civil society. During this time, we launched an innovation lab that built eight prototypes, and spurred other significant changes in our sector.

RINGO was originally planned as a short-term process, due to close in December 2022. However, our systems change journey is far from over. With WACSI taking over as host and lead of the project, we want to build on our work to ensure long-lasting impact across the civil society ecosystem. Our 10-year vision remains the same: To transform INGOs to become more open and equitable vehicles for global civil society. We seek a more equitable civil society, one in which power and resources are shared. 

The RINGO core team has developed a plan for the next 24 months to take us on the second phase of our journey, and we shared our strategy with our wider community at the Open House. Watch the recording below.

Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash