The RINGO Funder Action Pod (FAP) has been convened with the Council on Foundations as a community of funders who are committed to shifting power and practice.

Throughout the RINGO process, the role played by funding and funders has been prominent. The nature of funding has a profound impact on the shape and form of civil society, the norms and behaviours of those involved, decision-making processes and structures, and the way in which different types of civil society entities relate to each other. 

During 2021 and 2022, the Funder Action Pod participated in meetings, drawing out and discussing the insights and ideas coming from Phase 1 of RINGO and identifying the implications for the funding sector.

Aims for the Funder Action Pod in 2023/2024

We are convening a cohort of progressive change agents from within different funding organisations (philanthropy and bilateral donors) across geographies and sectors in a trustful container that enables open sharing and learning.

  • We will create a safe space to learn and take risks. ‘Chatham House Rules’ will apply to ensure confidentiality, with peer support from other funders.
  • Jointly identify and unpack barriers to change. We will provide a structured process to identify and unpack barriers to change – both at the systems level and organisational level.
  • Testing RINGO ideas and innovations. The RINGO process has already produced novel models and approaches. We will jointly explore how members of the FAP can test (and scale) some of these innovations.


The FAP is designed for members of funding organisations with leverage to test new approaches and to affect change. They can be located anywhere. It is suitable for those who are committed to taking action, driving change, and collaborating with other funders to achieve shared goals. 


The FAP offers a space to explore how to act on the ‘localisation’, shifting power and decolonisation agenda with other peers. It is an opportunity to understand what you can practically do in your respective organisation, but also what all FAP members can do collectively to shift practice at the systemic level where barriers are external to any one organisation. 


Every session focuses on one specific theme, for example: risk and compliance; accountability; innovative funding mechanisms. In each session we share the latest innovations emerging on the respective theme with practical examples from the RINGO lab and beyond. We will then explore what funders can do individually and collectively to take these innovations forward, alongside how the funding sector can be influenced overall. 


The FAP meets every 2 months for around 2 hours (online) between September 2023 and September 2024. Alongside these full-group sessions, we offer smaller facilitated peer coaching sessions for members who want to go deeper on a certain topic (e.g. introducing new risk & compliance procedures). 

What support is offered?

  • Carefully curated content on each transformation area to provide insight on what funders can do to shift their practice 
  • Creative sessions with experienced facilitators to identify opportunities for taking immediate action
  • Peer advice and encouragement from other funders
  • Light touch facilitation or coaching support for small peer-groups or individuals who want to deepen certain topics and explore ideas in more depth.
  • A safe online space to discuss ideas and share information with this community

If you would like any more information on the Funder Action Pod, please contact

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