We know we can’t change the system with the Social Lab alone, and that innovation is already happening in this space. RINGO Action Pods are hubs of activity and innovation that are planned or already taking place in the sector and are where RINGO and the host organization/ community have mutual interest in connecting and learning from each other’s processes.

They will be areas of ‘action’ and creativity that are deemed particularly strategic and helpful to RINGO’s process – to bring learning, amplify our work or take on prototypes. Our ambition is that Action Pods will enable a broader network and for constituencies of allies for RINGO to be developed, which will help the up-take of learning after the social lab completes its work.

As of August 2021, our initial Action Pods will be:

  • Funder Action Pod, co-hosted by the Council on Foundations
  • Partos Action Pod, hosted by Dutch Platform Partos
  • Southern Action Pod, co-hosted by the #shiftthepower movement and the Global Fund for Community Foundations, supported by WACSI

We expect more Action Pods to emerge in the coming months.

Interested in convening or joining an Action Pod? Get in touch and we’ll send you more information.

You can follow the development of the Action Pods on our Notion Page.