The Anne Lind Foundation (ALF) promotes intercultural and civil society dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region. ALF hosts youth forums, conduct research and engages in movement building together with their over 4,500 civil society partners across 42 countries. In October 2021, ALF launched a Digital Game on Intercultural Citizenship Education. Content for the game is based on the center’s original research on polarization and distrust in the Euromed region. The online game is intended to encourage youth to reflect on their personal experiences and gain a better understanding of displacement, immigration, and migration.

COVID-19 Response

ALF created virtual opportunities for cultural exchange during the pandemic as well as online educational resources. The Intercultural Citizenship Game is one of ALF’s efforts to make educational tools accessible online. Concurrently, ALF has hosted virtual marathons and debates with its partner CSOs. Additionally, in April-May 2020, ALF launched a survey to identify the key challenges CSOs in the Euromed region faced during the pandemic. Results offered recommendations on how to reaffirm intercultural dialogue and sustain organizational resilience during the pandemic, including flexible funding models.

Theory of Change

Using technology to promote intercultural education and civil society dialogue empowers the active participation of young voices and solidarity among communities in the Mediterranean region and Europe.


The Digital Game on Intercultural Citizenship is a supportive educational tool for cross-cultural communication and anti-discrimination work. The game includes eleven levels, quizzes, and multistep exercises with non-verbal communication, role-playing, and simulations. Participants learn approaches to discussing inclusion, belonging, and cultural diversity in the Euromed region. It can be played individually or in groups and takes approximately one hour. The interactive game is coupled with a teacher’s toolkit, which includes additional resources to review concepts and exercises. The game prompts and activities are based on ALF's latest 2020 intercultural trends survey. The Digital Game on Intercultural Citizenship Education aims to normalize multiculturalism as part of education and society at large.


The game and supportive resources have been shared with over 4,500 organizations working with ALF.