Naym is a nonprofit platform that helps Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons find employment in Europe. In 2021, Naym was founded by Ukrainian experts in Silicon Valley as an international workforce b2b platform for matching top-class remote developers from Eastern Europe with employers all over the world. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Naym suspended its business activities and set up a non-profit to support refugees. Naym uses its experience and technology to help the most vulnerable Ukrainians to integrate into European society through employment. To sustain their work, Naym offers editorial, recruitment, and promotion paid services and relies on volunteer help and crowdfunding.

Theory of Change

Using technology to connect refugees with employment opportunities advances their economic empowerment, resettlement, and inclusion in society while building cross-border solidarity.


Naym focuses on supporting transition processes for women as well as individuals with weak language skills, educational deficiencies, or a lack of other needed qualifications. Naym aggregates employment opportunities, including special offers for refugees, vets the offers, and verifies the employers. The portal allows candidates to select their preferences of employment type, skills, areas of interest, willingness to work nightshifts, etc. Naym then can send candidates a personal stream of vacancies. Naym has established Telegram channels for candidates to subscribe to and learn about vacancies across countries, and a chatbot to manage matching candidates and vacancies. Additionally, the webpage provides refugees with comprehensive support resources and legal guides according to the country of their location. The portal also provides information on free courses, services, and language classes for refugees. Finally, Naym initiated a marketplace on their portal to allow displaced Ukrainians offer paid or free goods and services to each other.


Naym portal contains employment information on Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden. They have 2,000 candidates and 7,ooo vacancies registered only in Poland. Naym has over 20 Telegram channels with over 230,000 subscribers (mainly in Europe). Their next priority is to create a low-qualification jobs app while increasing traffic on their current channels.