The China AIDS Walk is the brainchild of Wei Xiaogang, director of the Beijing Gender Health Institute (BGHI). Modelled after the AIDS Walk started in the U.S. in the 1980s, it sees itself as China’s first public fundraising drive for the fight against HIV/AIDS. In partnership with local NGOs in major Chinese cities, China AIDS Walk has organized a series of events and online crowdfunding efforts aimed at combating discrimination against millions of Chinese living with HIV/AIDS.

Theory of Change

In closed societies, sensitive socio-cultural issues that constitute barriers to progressive advocacy can be effectively mitigated if such efforts are framed innovatively around more widely supported issues such as health, education and youth.


The China AIDS Walk holds every September in Beijing on the Great Wall. The organizers are also collaborating with local NGOs to organize AIDS Walks in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Qingdao, Heifei and Sanmenxia. China AIDS Walk events in other locations are being planned in the near future. The China AIDS Walk also engages in an online fundraising event using Tencent Foundation’s online fundraising platforms during Tencent's September 9 Charity Day which is China’s largest online fundraising event. The funds -which supplement grants from domestic foundations - go to support youth-led LGBTQ groups that do AIDS/HIV prevention work.


The China AIDS Walk has organized more than 100 events and raised over 1.15 million yuan (170,000 USD) to fight discrimination against people affected by HIV/AIDS, and promote LGBT rights in China. This is in addition to sustainable achievements, including partnerships across sectors and online fundraising capabilities that have helped to augment traditional funding models. As a result, the program is expanding into new cities with increased professionalization.