LIN Center for Community Development is supporting the development of the non-profit ecosystem in Vietnam. It has grown from a small start up with a budget of USD 10-20,000 in 2009 to become one of Vietnam’s best-known non-profits, with a budget of USD 300,000. LIN responded to the withdrawal of international funding around 2010 by reaching out to the private sector for support to supplement their international funding. One of LIN’s founders and board members had worked for an international company and was able to serve as an important bridge between LIN and the private sector.  Around 25% of LIN's funding now comes from local companies. LIN also has a strategic partnership with the Dutch auditing firm KPMG, which provides professional volunteers to help nonprofits in areas ranging from finance and management to public relations to writing and editing. KPMG also donates free office space for meetings and activities. Corporate funding has become a significant, expanding and sustainable source of alternative funding; at the same time, in recognition of the resulting risks, LIN is adopting some best practices and codes of conduct to ensure that its corporate fundraising does not conflict with LIN’s mission to support marginalized groups.

Theory of Change

Leveraging private sector resources, including both charitable contributions and skilled volunteers, can provide a sustainable base for development, poverty alleviation, and citizen participation.


LIN provides trainings for non-profit leaders and small grants to community organizations working with marginalized groups. It provides philanthropy advisory services to corporate and individual donors seeking to support local causes. It organizes professional volunteers from the private sector to meet the needs of local nonprofits. Finally, LIN organizes conferences, activities and resources to connect government, business and nonprofits.


LIN promotes civic participation and freedom of association for many grassroots CSOs and local communities working on sustainable and inclusive development in Vietnam. Developing a long-term, sustainable source of corporate funding and partnerships has resulted in local companies supporting several programs, including: Narrow the Gap program, which provides small grants to support community organizations working with marginalized groups, as well as an annual conference bringing together leaders from government, international and local companies, and CSOs to share best practices on multi-sector collaboration.