Haqdarshak is a tech platform that enables citizens in 21 states across India to discover, apply to, and benefit from eligible government and private welfare schemes, thereby using technology to plug the information gap about social entitlements.

COVID-19 Response

Haqdarshak provided easy to understand infographics on the various social relief packages available for groups in India. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Haqdarshak communities made masks and helped tribal hamlets access basic supplies. Moreover, they facilitated over 62,000 applications for social relief across 20 states. In addition, they are helping enable employment for 1,500 reverse migrant workers who returned home, securing ration cards, and providing construction workers the documents needed to receive state-sponsored financial assistance. Haqdarshak is also running a helpline for daily wage workers. With the help of a local bank, Haqdarshak helped facilitate Rs. 77,000 in cash transactions for 40 citizens in Linga Village.

Theory of Change

Providing residents with access to information on available welfare schemes will increase their use of such schemes, and thus increase their quality of life and comfort, alleviating poverty.


The organization trains representatives (focusing on women) to use an Android mobile phone app, available in 15 languages, that guides them through a question-and-answer process. These representatives go door-to-door to help citizens discover and apply for programs, all for a nominal fee, which becomes a revenue source for the representatives. Haqdarshak also works directly in communities, with captive labor forces and citizens, to maximize impact. The platform hosts a database of government and private sector welfare schemes and a public website designed for English-speaking urban users. Haqdarshak charges each representative a nominal fee of around USD 2 per month to use its services. In March 2017, Haqdarshak received seed funding of USD 191,000. In addition, three social impact investors made an in-principle commitment to raise approximately USD 2 million for Haqdarshak. The organisation also secured grants worth USD 0.7 million.


According to Haqdarshak, over 200,000 applications for benefits were facilitated, and over 125,000 citizens received benefits estimated at over USD 14 million. By enabling wider and more efficient use of welfare schemes, Haqdarshask is contributing to alleviation of poverty, gender equality, quality education, clean water and sanitation, and good health and well-being.