Humans Against Trafficking is a non-profit whose mission is to prevent human trafficking through the development of software platforms and large-scale social media campaigns that educate and empower people to take action. Using Artificial Intelligence and image recognition technologies, backed by research-based understanding of traffickers and victims, they can identify at-risk kids on social media faster and at a much larger scale than traffickers, and then help educate and inoculate them against the traffickers' recruitment tactics. Humans Against Trafficking applies the AI technology in Models Against Trafficking, a viral anti-trafficking movement, that uses the power of influencers and online role models to educate and empower teens. They also created the Human Freedom Music Awards, a movement that unites artists and fans against human trafficking. Humans Against Trafficking is a diverse team of tech visionaries, Grammy-winning artists and management, world-respected anti-trafficking leaders and researchers, trafficking survivors and advocates, Fortune 50 CEO and senior executives, and media entrepreneurs who create impactful solutions. They partner with other anti-trafficking organizations, companies, financial institutions, and local authorities, and rely on sponsorship and donations to support their work.

Theory of Change

Use of AI technology to identify potential victims and perpetrators, large-scale social media campaigns, and pop culture-based movements help reach and educate vulnerable groups before they become victimized as well as increase awareness and enable the public to take action.


Models Against Trafficking is a viral social media movement, launched by celebrity models and influencers, encouraging teens to form a protective community, and providing them with content to educate and empower them and their friends and followers to recognize and fight traffickers’ tactics. The movement was initiated by Humans Against Trafficking in partnership with nine leading global and local anti-trafficking organizations in order to act against traffickers who often pose as photographers and talent agents scouting for new talent, providing a false sense of validation to vulnerable teens. In addition to spreading virally, the movement uses AI software to identify at-risk teens and encourage them to join the movement, ensuring that the most vulnerable are reached and included. In partnership with outstanding artists, backed by music industry company sponsorship, Humans Against Trafficking launched the Human Freedom Awards -- a million-dollar award pool for the best songs that generate the most impact in the fight against human trafficking. Artists are recognized not only for the quality of their music, but also on how impactful it is in changing minds. Similarly, fans are encouraged to donate and are rewarded not only for hashtags/shares, but also for how well they activate their friends. Humans Against Trafficking uses their AI-based technology to measure impact.


Models Against Trafficking launched in January 2020 with 60 launch models having a combined following of 3.2 million. In a single launch weekend, they reached over 150,000 teens with educational content, with continued momentum. Additional campaigns are being rolled out to engage the followers to reach out and educate their own followers, leveraging the reach and voice of both influencers and peer relationships. At the stage of the open round, the Human Freedom Awards received over 30 song submissions.