Laudelina is a Brazilian mobile application that focuses on protecting and ensuring the safety of domestic workers throughout the country. It was developed by Themis, FENATRAD, with partnership of ELAS fund and launched in 2016. Most domestic employees are unaware of the national union and its local branches and are often too tired or busy to keep up to date with current affairs. But workers’ knowledge about their rights is fundamental to exercising those rights.

Theory of Change

Putting information about rights and legal protections into the hands of domestic workers via smartphones while networking them to each other and their unions facilitate the exercise of their rights.


Laudelina includes a manual on the rights of domestic workers, salary calculators, benefits, contractual termination, a list of protection institutions, and contact information for workers from the same region. Thus, it enables the exchange of information, strengthens support networks, and facilitates the organization of workers, including through trade unions.


By 2020, the application had been downloaded over 4,240 times in over 270 cities and 7 countries. Through social media campaigns and distributed graphic materials, it has impacted over 95,000 people.