Mapuj Pomoc is a portal that helps individuals displaced by the war in Ukraine find help and information. Mapuj Pomoc maintains the largest and most comprehensive database of organizations throughout Poland and Ukraine that provide assistance and support to displaced Ukrainians, sharing this information via a map. Individuals needing support can use the platform to search for resources, while aid organizations (NGOs, institutions, reception centers, educational institutions, local aid centers, community centers, night shelters, and companies) can promote their services by registering and posting their initiative to the map. Mapuj Pomoc has been financed through crowdfunding and partnerships with tech organizations and NGOs.

Theory of Change

Enabling easy access to information about the locations and types of services offered by aid organizations helps people displaced by war find assistance that is helpful and close to where they are. 


Mapuj Pomoc helps individuals find support by geolocating assistance centers on a map, filterable by region and by the type of service needed. Types of services mapped include accommodation, medical and psychological services, legal aid, job search assistance, translation services, Polish language classes, cultural activities, assistance for people with disabilities, activities for children, and transportation. The portal is a valuable tool for all kinds of volunteers, reception centers, and information desk workers, as well as other people who have direct contact with Ukrainian refugees on a daily basis. Mapuj Pomoc regularly checks that assistance centers are active and keeps the map up to date. In addition, Mapuj Pomoc synthesizes and groups relevant types of informational resources for different categories of individuals – children, LGBTQIA+ individuals, pregnant women, and people with disabilities, among many others. This person-specific information can be accessed through Mapuj Pomoc’s blog. Mapuj Pomoc performs analysis on the usage of its map and regularly publishes reports detailing trends and observations with regards to aid distribution in Poland. In these reports, Mapuj Pomoc notes the regional clustering of aid distribution and the conclusion of some assistance activities over time. Since September 2022, Mapuj Pomoc has hosted weekly virtual “coffee-chat” sessions for NGOs supporting Ukrainian refugees, facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration among organizations. Mapuj Pomoc also created a social media toolkit for partnering organizations to use and help promote Mapuj Pomoc’s services.


As of February 2023, Mapuj Pomoc has located 1,337 support centers in Poland and 302 support centers in Ukraine. Mapuj Pomoc’s weekly “coffee-chat” sessions have been attended regularly by as many as 80 people, representing upwards of 50 organizations. A Mapuj Pomoc-run Facebook group connecting leaders and members of these organizations boasts over 330 members as of February 2023. The UNHCR Poland Refugee Coordination Forum / Inter-Sector Coordination Group has referenced Mapuj Pomoc’s reports in its work.