ila Generation is a social enterprise that provides advisory services and hosts events to raise awareness about gender-based violence. They learned from survivors’ stories that human connection, awareness and efficient communication could be game changers in cases of abuse. To trigger change, ila decided to focus on bystanders and created the ALLY app. It provides information and training in order to turn local stores into safe spaces and empower employees to efficiently and discreetly help gender-based violence victims. ALLY also lists emergency, mental health, and immediate assistance resources. ila utilizes their expertise to design training programs in partnership with non-profits and other CSOs. Users can access the training resources for free, and companies pay a monthly fee to become members of the ila network. ila also earns income from their advisory services and ticketed events.

Theory of Change

Creating safe spaces through advising companies on equality issues, raising awareness, and empowering bystanders helps to combat gender-based violence. 


ila Generation provides advisory services to companies through reviews of their diversity, equity, and inclusion processes and social impact. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, ila assesses companies’ DEI practices and grades them. ila then identifies recommendations and designs plans of action for companies to improve their DEI through frameworks, checklists, toolkits, and program outlines. Moreover, ila provides clients with team trainings and workshops to promote inclusive practices in the workplace. Once 75% of the ALLY member store employees complete program trainings, ila provides the store with a certified ALLY space badge and sticker to display, so customers can recognize which locations are certified safe spaces. Employees are able to support and assist any customer reporting domestic abuse or harassment in the store by directing them towards appropriate help in a discrete and efficient way. ila also provides advice and immediate solutions to partnering organizations through a referral system. Depending on the store size, partnering stores have different subscription packages to gain access to ila’s app. ila also hosts ticketed events, such as ilaX, that are spaces for members and corporate partners to talk about social change. InspiHer Masterclasses are one-hour sessions where female founders meet and share their expertise.


ila has partnered with companies around the world, including the London School of Economics, Adidas, UN Women, Unilever, and wework. In addition, ila has provided advisory services to organizations in India, Thailand, Kenya, and the UK. Over 1,000 staff users have been onboarded across London and Berlin. As they grow, ila has also been working with the Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development to bring ALLY to Thailand. Most recently, ila signed MOUs with five major companies in Thailand, including Hyatt Regency Group, to onboard the ALLY app.