MyLawBC is a guided online pathway to legal information and specialized legal advice. It was developed by the Legal Services Society (LSS), a nonprofit organization that provides legal advice, information, and representation to low-income individuals in British Columbia.    

Theory of Change

Providing accessible information increases people’s ability to make informed legal decisions for themselves and promotes the proper use of legal services.


MyLawBC gives individuals the tools they need to identify, manage, and resolve their legal problems. Guided pathways use an interactive question-and-answer approach to guide an individual to a solution to their legal problem. MyLawBC asks the individual questions about their situation. It then generates a plan based on their answers, giving them the background information they need to work through their problem. It tells them what to do and where they can receive additional help. There are guided pathways to help with separation, divorce, family orders, abuse, family violence, missed mortgage payments, wills, and personal planning.


Between 2016 and 2018, MyLawBC had 28,500 users, 64% of whom completed a pathway (completion rates for different pathways varied from 50% to 91%). With the help of the dialogue tool, 122 couples have worked together on a separation agreement. The app has the potential to promote equitable legal outcomes, as well as bring justice to many people in legal trouble who would otherwise not have access.