Our Journey provides a platform for migration experts to develop a supportive migration system for non-citizens in line with international standards and norms.‚Äč It provides legal and other services to migrants, refugees, and other non-citizens in Malaysia. Our Journey is also a member of the Migration Working Group, a 62 member coalition of groups in Malaysia working for a more supportive migration system. Due to a lack of support among the local population for migrants and refugees, crowdfunding is not a viable option for the organizations' funding. Instead, Our Journey supplements its funding from international sources with earning fees for consulting services, event-organizing and speaking engagements. Staffing is comprised of two full-time staff members and three social mobilizers. The latter's responsibilities include outreach to communities of non-citizens to organize and provide legal training, as well as other forms of support.

Theory of Change

Providing legal expertise, knowledge and other services to migrants and their families can transform the effectiveness of the support system for non-citizens, reducing discrimination and exclusion.


The organization provides legal and social services, as well as training and capacity-building assistance, to non-citizens in Malaysia. It also initiates and strengthens dialogues and consultation processes concerning non-citizens among government and private stakeholders.


Our Journey is currently implementing specific support projects for Nepali and Indonesian migrants. It has also developed a research project with a UK university to produce and disseminate digital stories of migrant communities, detailing the aspirations and challenges currently faced by migrants.