Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT) is a global art-based Humanitarian NGO that develops and implements psychosocial support models for refugee communities around the world. YTT was founded in 2016 as part of a conceptual art project. Initial data was collected through psychosocial support drawing workshops in dozens of refugee/migrant camps with the help of volunteers. Then YTT joined forces with leading European universities to research, develop and test its unique Learning Through Art & Theatre Approach. It draws from art and theater learning methods to address war/conflict-based violence, discrimination, gender equality, intercultural dialogue, human rights, and economic empowerment. YTT offers inclusive learning toolkits for formal school structures and aid workers/volunteers in an emergency or informal educational environments. With the recent humanitarian crisis in Europe, set in motion by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, YTT has partnered with tech companies to create a Psychosocial Support app to help Ukrainian children facing trauma.

Theory of Change

Tech platforms combined with educational research can help children and youth in crisis situations access critical psychosocial support locally and across borders, promoting solidarity and post-conflict reconciliation.


The YTT Ukraine app launched in April 2022. It is free and geared for children and youth ages 6-18 and their parents/caregivers. The activities on the app include instructed art and storytelling prompts to spur social and emotional self-expression. The use of the YTT visual language helps children grapple with war trauma. The app is tailored for displaced communities, allowing access concurrently through any device, saving progress, and offering language translation through leveraging AI solutions. YTT is using an iterative approach and gathering live feedback to improve the app. They have an on-site YTT workshop in Bucharest, Romania, where Ukrainian children are guided on how to use the app. YTT’s wider mission is to provide educators and Refugee-Led-Organizations internationally with the paradigms and tools for teaching and aid. Their step-by-step manuals and instructional workbook can be openly accessed online by any learners or aid workers/volunteers.


Approximately 30 NGOs have already signed up for the app and are promoting it across communities and volunteers working with Ukrainian refugees. Eventually, YTT hopes that the app will have a wider reach and support other humanitarian causes as well. The psychosocial support drawing workshops have been introduced to several thousands of refugees, migrants, and displaced communities, from more than 60 nationalities, aged from 2 to 70 years old.