The RINGO Project was originally designed as a two-year process, intended to close in December 2022. However, the work is far from finished and RINGO is preparing to transition into a new phase. On 7th December 2022, we held a Celebrate 2022 / Anticipate 2023 workshop to provide a space for the RINGO Social Lab to reflect on what has been achieved over the course of the project and to share critical input to the planning for the next chapter. During the session, Lab members shared highlights from their participation in RINGO and gave feedback on the process in terms of what went well and what was lacking. The RINGO core team discussed the existing plans for 2023 centred around Community, Innovation and Practice, and Knowledge and Influencing, and the Lab explored different ways in which they could contribute to and expand on these ideas.

Click here to read the full report on the Celebrate 2022 / Anticipate 2023 Workshop.