With the clock ticking for meaningful climate action, we have to pull every lever possible to stop climate destruction. One of these levers is the financial system and its role in enabling corporate behavior—good and bad.

Rights CoLab is working to unlock the power of “citizen shareholders”—everyday people who can organize to pressure corporations and financial institutions to exercise their fiduciary rights and do their part to reduce climate risk. (Not coincidentally, this strategy is also critical for changing other aspects of corporate behavior, like respect for labor rights.)

As part of Asset Manager Wake-Up Call, a campaign to hold asset managers like Vanguard accountable on climate investments, Rights CoLab co-founder Paul Rissman authored a sign-on letter for Vanguard investors. The letter has already garnered upwards of 1500 signatures, and if you are a Vanguard customer, we encourage you to join the campaign. Add your name here.

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Photo by Steven Pahel on Unsplash