In December 2021, the RINGO Lab came together with allies from global civil society to embark on the next phase of the systems change journey. The Prototype Portfolio Workshop marked a significant stage of the change process, translating the talking (inception and inquiry during the discovery phase) into doing (creating ideas and prototypes). Throughout these previous stages, RINGO has explored areas of stuckness and possibility, the synthesis of which helped to understand the areas in which RINGO can contribute to systems change: Solidarity and Partnership; Leadership and Governance; Accountability Impact and Measurement; and Resource Flows. The Lab has been considering how prototypes can create new practice within these areas, and produced a first set of sixteen prototyping ideas. During the workshop, the Lab worked together to strengthen these innovative ideas into a set of tangible and testable prototypes.

Please click here to read the full report on the RINGO Prototype Portfolio Workshop.