During the first phase of the RINGO Project, our Social Lab of changemakers embarked on a unique journey of re-imagining the INGO. This involved a process of discovering the barriers to change within the system; defining opportunities to challenge these areas of stuckness; developing actionable prototypes to shift power; and delivering innovative solutions to be tested in different contexts.

Our next phase will build on this work to ensure long-lasting impact across the civil society ecosystem. We’ve developed a strategy for the next 24 months:

  • Read the executive summary in English here
  • Lea el resumen ejecutivo en español aquí
  • Lire le résumé exécutif en français ici

Our 10-year vision remains the same: To transform INGOs to become more open and equitable vehicles for global civil society. We seek a more equitable civil society, one in which power and resources are shared.

Using the learnings from Phase 1 of RINGO and ongoing prototyping work and research, we will leverage our strengths to focus our efforts on influencing those in genuine positions of power, specifically targeting two primary stakeholders: INGO Boards and funders.

Our main activities will include:

  • Strengthen the demand for change (research, organising and mobilising)
  • Build and share a RINGO knowledge base (prototypes and other initiatives)
  • Work with our target influencers in action pods
  • Leverage our partnerships
  • Communication and outreach
To understand more about our thinking behind the strategy, and how we are determined to leave no civic actor behind, read our latest blog: RINGO Phase 2: The What, How, Why and Who
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash