The Re-imagining INGO (RINGO) initiative is designed to reassess the purpose, roles and delivery mechanisms of international NGOs and the impact on the global civil society ecosystem. The RINGO approach is dedicated to capturing the views and engaging civil society in the global south that have worked with international NGOs. The approach consists of three components: Research, Community Building and Prototype Design and Testing.

This report is based on a survey conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Middle East, North Africa,  South America and Oceania from August to November 2020 to capture views from global south NGOs to identify, under- stand, and inform what is needed to better respond to the challenges of engaging with INGOs. The survey process included case study collection, focus group discussions and desktop research. This report presents the views and voices of global south CSOs and provides records of ideas, suggestions, and recommendations on how NGO north-south relationships and power dynamic should evolve.