In March and April 2022, RINGO launched a set of eight prototypes, marking the start of our final ‘develop and delivery’ phase where we move from the realm of ideas into action. The prototypes were selected through a rigorous co-design process and, as a portfolio, they address areas of opportunity in our four quadrants of transformation: Accountability, Impact and Measurement; Leadership and Governance; Solidarity and Partnership; and Resource Flows. Over the next six months, prototyping teams from the RINGO Lab will be working on their unique ideas, with the RINGO/Reos coaching team on hand to help drive the process and encourage them to be ambitious, risk-taking and practical. We hope these prototypes can begin to challenge some of the major structural barriers to change in the sector and demonstrate new ways of working in order to strengthen our civil society ecosystem. You can read about the different prototypes here:


Please contact if you would like more information or to be connected to any of the prototyping teams.