Gender Mobile is a non-governmental organization in Nigeria that aims to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence, particularly in institutions of higher education. Founded in 2017, the organization was established to complement efforts made by the government seen as insufficient to break the silence and stigma around the issue and to provide adequate medical, legal, and psychosocial services  to  survivors. Gender Mobile developed a mobile app, CampusPal, to facilitate the reporting and tracking of sexual harassment cases in higher education institutions, as well as to provide information and resources to survivors and institutional administrators. Gender Mobile leverages their partnerships with local CSOs and post-secondary institutions to raise awareness and sensitize the public on the issue of sexual harassment and its consequences. The organization also collaborates with the Nigerian Ministry of Education and the National Universities Commission to develop and implement policies and technologies to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in post-secondary institutions, as well as with the Ministry of Women's Affairs to establish mobile courts for gender-based violence, enabling the speedy trial and punishment of offenders.

Theory of Change

Technology and an accessible-for-all intervention platform enables accountability on both the individual and institutional level, reduces gender-based violence, and initiates a more equitable society.


Gender Mobile developed CampusPal as a component of the Campus Initiative project, which supports institutions in developing and implementing policies, technologies, and bystander interventions to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in higher education. The project also involves engaging and training volunteer Campus Ambassadors to support the process of reporting sexual abuse in their respective schools. The CampusPal app allows users to anonymously report and document evidence of sexual harassment cases securely. Users can choose where to report such evidence: either to their school authorities, Gender Mobile itself, or to the police. CampusPal also enables access to a vast array of legal, medical, psychological, and social services, in addition to offering a space to connect with other survivors and allies. Additionally, the app educates users about their rights and enables them to join awareness and advocacy campaigns. The CampusPal app was developed in collaboration with partners, such as the GSMA Connected Women program, and received funding and support from the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund.


Gender Mobile has reached over 10,000 students and staff across 20 higher education institutions with awareness campaigns on sexual and gender-based violence. Over 500 cases of sexual harassment were reported and documented through the app, with 80% of them resolved or referred to appropriate authorities. They have provided legal and psychosocial support to 120 survivors through the CampusPal app and trained 2,000 campus ambassadors and 30 journalists on how to use technology and media to address sexual and gender-based violence on campuses. The organization collaborates with over 50 partners from academia, civil society, media, and government to promote awareness and change. Gender Mobile has also received recognition and awards for its innovative and impactful work, such as the Ford Foundation Prize for Social Justice, the MacArthur Foundation 100&Change Grant, and the World Bank Sexual Violence Research Initiative Award.