Haami, meaning “ally” in Persian, is a mobile application that helps Iranians suffering from addiction by quickly and conveniently connecting them with resources to aid in their recovery. With over 2 million Iranians estimated to be suffering from drug addiction, Haami seeks to destigmatize and change the culture around addiction so that more people can feel comfortable seeking treatment. Haami is not only benefiting those actively suffering from addiction; it also benefits friends, family, and allies, providing specific tools geared towards those who seek to support someone through the recovery process. To provide its services, Haami relies on pro-bono support from experts in the addiction field.

Theory of Change

Enabling quick and convenient access to recovery resources via a mobile app empowers individuals suffering from addiction to seek help and destigmatizes addiction in an environment where it is seen as taboo.


Haami provides messages of support, educational resources, and crisis management services to individuals suffering from drug addiction as well as their loved ones. Within the app, users can track their recovery journey, with a day-count visualizing how long they have maintained sobriety. They can access roadmaps and guides written by the foremost experts – psychologists, therapists, and doctors – in the field of addiction, and they can also find an index of recovery centers and counselors located across Iran. To feel less alone in their struggle, users can read stories shared by people currently suffering from addiction and those who have recovered, or they can upload and share stories of their own. Users can also access guided meditation, breathing, and muscle relaxation exercises should they want to distract themselves from the urge to use when feeling triggered or being in a difficult moment. For those experiencing an immediate urge to use, Haami has a feature called “I’m not OK” where users can receive immediate support from a counselor. In addition to offering support through the mobile app itself, Haami is very active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, regularly sharing motivational messages, tips from addiction experts, and links to resources for those going through the recovery process.


Haami is available for download in the Google Play store and, as of March 2023, has been downloaded over 50,000 times. Through its Instagram account, Haami’s daily posts and resources reach over 2,000 followers.