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What have we learned in the RINGO Lab? Join us for a 4-day virtual Learning Festival where we will celebrate the work we have done together in the RINGO Project and share our learnings with our allies and peers. We will deep-dive into our innovative prototypes and begin to collectively map the transformation needed in the global civil society ecosystem.

The RINGO Learning Festival event platform is now LIVE 

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Anyone with a stake in ensuring we have an effective international and local civil society system working together to tackle the multiple challenges we face: from climate change and poverty, to threats to human rights and democracy.


Inspirational Talks: Hear from thought leaders, presenting the latest innovations in the INGO and #shiftthepower space.

Innovative Edge Sessions: Engage with the key learnings from the eight RINGO prototypes and contribute to the scaling and embedding of these emergent models.

Map the Change: How do we leverage what we’ve learned to influence the wider system? What does it mean for your sector or organization?

Fireside Chats: Connect with leaders, thinkers and change makers to uncover what a reimagined INGO might mean for you and your peers.

Open Space Sessions: Opportunities to lead your own conversation on issues as they emerge from the Festival, and meet and network with others.


Days 1 and 2: Exploring the RINGO prototypes: What have we learned and where do we go now?

Day 3: Map the change: resource flows, accountability, solidarity, governance and leadership

Day 4: Beyond RINGO: What does this mean for you, your sector and us collectively?

SAVE THE DATES: October 31 – November 3, 2022

*In spite of travel restrictions now being removed, we are staying online in order to be as inclusive as possible of our community, and also to reduce our carbon footprint.