With a population too poor to donate, and little support from the government, in Kyrgyzstan international donors remain the major source of funding for much of civil society, creating a competitive and unsustainable environment. To help fund a legal NGO that promotes the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan, Fatima and her colleagues co-founded a law firm. In her article Fatima describes their path to success, what obstacles they overcame in the process, and how they are implementing a mission to share their and other new business models to encourage NGOs to change their way of thinking.

The full article can be found on the Open Global Rights website.

Fatima Iakupbaeva is a lawyer from Kyrgyzstan and passionate advocate of sustainable civil society. She founded a successful law firm (Precedent) in her home country in order to help fund her rule of law NGO.


Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash